Eliminate Dog Urine Odour from Artificial Grass

29 November 2018 04:55

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dog urine artificial grass

When you first installed your artificial grass, you were probably delighted at the thought solving some of the most common dog owner problems.

No more digging.

No more bringing mud into the house.

And let’s face it, the joy of you no longer having to get the lawnmower out!

The whole point of artificial grass is to allow you and your pets to be able to enjoy your garden without the effort and headache that comes with real grass. So, it’s not surprising that your happy thought bubble soon burst when your lawn proved to come with its very own problem – The foul smell of dog urine odour.

Whenever you go into your garden, you’re now greeted with the unpleasant smell of dog urine oozing from deep within the turf. Needless to say, you aren’t staying in the garden for long.

You installed synthetic grass to solve real grass problems, and with how expensive it can be, it shouldn’t be causing you OTHER problems. And it really doesn’t have to. There actually is an effective way to stop and prevent your artificial grass from smelling.

Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about how to remove the smell of dog urine odour from artificial grass…

Why your artificial grass smells of urine

Before diving into how to get rid of the smell of urine, it’s best to understand why exactly your turf is starting to smell like a urinal because let’s face it, that’s where things are headed if you don’t do something about it. 

The bizarre thing about artificial grass is that it’s actually designed to have better drainage than natural grass. So in theory, urine odour shouldn’t be a problem. However, when your dogs regularly use the lawn as their designated restroom, the urine builds up within the layers of the artificial grass causing a build-up of the organics that cause the nasty smells.

Installation and Maintenance

Aside from the obvious act of your dog peeing on grass, the biggest reasons for this problem is a combination of badly installed artificial grass and a lack of regular maintenance, with more emphasis on the lack of regular maintenance.

If your lawn was badly installed beneath the surface, then it means it wasn’t made permeable enough to allow enough drainage for liquids to pass through and out of them. But even if it was installed well, excess urine traces will still buildup within the membrane, particularly during periods of low rainfall in both summer and winter.

Nonetheless, how the grass was installed is out of your control. Which brings us onto the importance of maintenance. While badly installed artificial turf might be out of your control, it’s even more reason to make more of an effort to prevent the smell of dog urine with a little maintenance. 

Unfortunately, when we say maintenance, rinsing your artificial grass down with a hosepipe isn’t going to cut it when it comes to removing and preventing smells. You’re actually just moving the organics around, rather than getting rid of them. 

So, how do you REMOVE urine odour from artificial grass? 

The Highly Effective Method to Remove Dog Urine Smells

Urine is actually made up of 95% water. Which explains why it can’t simply be washed away with water to get rid of the smell. The other 5% however, is composed of urea, uric acid and ammonia. This is where the real source of the problematic odours come from, along with other waste product materials such as proteins, salts, minerals and toxins.

The only thing you need to understand however, is the uric acid part.

Uric acid is made up of many microscopic salt-like crystals that don’t naturally decompose or dissolve by themselves. This is why you will find that when your dog pees on your astroturf, the odour can go on throughout the whole of summer unless you do something about it.

These uric acid crystals embed themselves within the various that layers your dog’s urine has saturated and stay there, reacting to environmental factors that worsen (high temperatures and humidity) or lessen their smell (cold weather and heavy rainfall).

The good news is that those crystals are not completely insoluble or indestructible. Uric acid crystals can, in fact, be broken by beneficial bacteria that can be found in the biological artificial grass cleaner, Astro Fresh

Unlike basic sanitary treatments or grass fragrance products that simply disinfect or mask the odour, the bacteria in Astro Fresh target uric crystals to break them down and then digest them, eliminating the cause and source of the odour problem!

Here’s a quick video to demonstrate how it works:

Artificial grass is meant to be low maintenance, but as a dog owner, you probably know the hassle of keeping your lawn odour free. The good news is, we’re about to show you the best method to eliminate the smell of dog urine from your grass!

It’s that simple! Routine maintenance with Astro Fresh, and never have to deal with a smelly turf again. 


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