Customer Stories – Ian Stewart

24 May 2016 04:26

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We recently sent some Envii Foundation to competition grower, Ian Stewart. Here’s what he had to say about his experience with it:

“I remember as a young boy in the Sixties, watching my father tend the plants in the Colliery Manager’s greenhouse and I asked him, “What makes a good gardener?”

He replied, “A plant is like a human, it does not like to be too wet or dry, too hot or cold.” These were wise words.

Looking around, all the plants were glowing with health this year. I have used Envii Foundation and the results brought back memories of those plants that were grown to perfection.

I potted show leeks on from 7inch pots to 12inch deep fill pots. The plants put on so much growth, they were pot bound in 4 weeks! With some of the leftover mix, I potted the tomatoes and they doubled in size in one week.

I am too well known in the North East to recommend anything that isn’t the best. We have some of the greatest show gardeners in the world here and they would put me in my place if I was wrong!

I am looking forward to a full season using Bio8’s Envii products as they are an asset to any gardener that wants the best.”


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