Long-lasting Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Flowers

13 February 2018 03:36


Animated Potted Plants

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to show love and appreciation for the special people in our lives but this one day comes with a cost to the environment when it comes to the gift of giving. Each year people head to the shops and florists looking to buy their beloved a bouquet without considering the potential impact thousands of people buying fresh flowers could have on the environment and furthermore, whether there are better alternatives.

Environmentally, the issue with fresh cut flowers is the potential harm of pesticides from the farms they’re grown on and the use of chemical fertilisers to accommodate mass production and meet the needs of supply and demand. The cycle of environmental implications doesn’t end there, often the bouquets are then packaged in non-recyclable wrapping making even more non-eco-friendly.

We’re understand that people aren’t going to totally ditch giving flowers, so we dug up some Eco-Friendly alternatives that won’t only help save the environment but will save money and be more valuable! This Valentine’s Day, rather than spending your money on a half-dead plant that will last about a week, try these potted flower plants!




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