Pond Klear - Green Pond Water Treatment

  • Clears Green & Murky Pond Water
  • Harmless To All Fish, Pets & Wildlife
  • Works All Year Round
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Don’t Be Green, Let Your Fish Be Seen!Green water is the most common problem with UK ponds. It is made up of millions of microscopic algae spores that cause a green tint to the water. This tint can range from...
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Don’t Be Green, Let Your Fish Be Seen!

Green water is the most common problem with UK ponds. It is made up of millions of microscopic algae spores that cause a green tint to the water. This tint can range from a murky, swamp green, to a vibrant, almost luminescent green that is often referred to as pea soup. Either way, all of the various tints of green are reminiscent of either Shrek, or the swamp that he resides in and have no place in the common garden pond.

Fortunately, whilst the problem may look disgusting and daunting, with the help of a green pond water treatment and the power of bacteria, it is relatively easy to fix and even easier to prevent in the future.

How to Clear Green Pond Water

Pond Klear contains millions of beneficial bacteria that target the microscopic algae spores, clump them together and digest them, to eliminate green water. Whilst targeting the algae spores directly, Pond Klear also focuses on eliminating the unwanted organics that feed the algae spores. These organics are made up of all sorts of nasties, from decaying fish food, to leaves and the worst contributor, fish waste.

Unwanted organics give off dangerous toxins that can pose serious health risks to fish which is why we developed Pond Klear to also focus on these. By removing the toxins from the water, oxygen levels are increased and fish will become more active and seem happier. You never know, they may thank you one day!

Pond Klear is the UK’s most trusted green pond water treatment with good reason. Containing innovative bacteria that are capable of working down to 4°C gives Pond Klear a very unique advantage over other treatments. Most green pond water treatments work down to around 12°C which gives algae a prime window to sneak in a little extra growth. Algae grows down to temperatures of 8°C, so if the bacteria can’t work that low, there is nothing to fight off the algae spores.

Whilst the main focus of Pond Klear is to eliminate green pond water, it will also suppress the growth of blanket weed and string algae. However, if you are wanting to get rid of blanket weed, we recommend Blanketweed Klear and for string algae, Algae Klear Xtra.

For ponds over 20,000 litres, use Pond Klear Xtra which is three times stronger than our standard Pond Klear.

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The Serious Bits

Before using any bacterial treatment, we recommend either checking the pH and KH level in your pond or using Pond Equaliser to instantly stabilise the water parameters and create the ideal environment for fish and bacteria.

  • Clean out filters prior to using Pond Klear.
  • Turn off UV light for 3 days during treatment.
  • Remove any surface algae where possible.
  • Calculate volume of the pond and shake bottle well.
  • Add 25ml (per 1,136 litres/250 gallons) to a bucket of pond water.
  • Stir and distribute evenly over pond surface.
  • For initial use we recommend an initial double/triple dose and then treat every 5-7 days
  • Badly affected ponds may benefit from continued higher dose levels until effect on water visible (high dosage will not affect your fish).


Please consider using Pond Klear Xtra for badly affected ponds.

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