SeaFeed Xtra - Liquid Seaweed Fertiliser

  • Increases Resistance Against Disease & Pests
  • Promotes Strong Growth & Increased Crop Yields
  • Seaweed Provides Crucial Anti-Stress Compounds
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Straight from Mother Nature, Liquid Seaweed Fertiliser!Seaweed has been used for centuries in gardening and is still one of the best performing fertilisers available. Containing essential nutrients such as ni...
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Straight from Mother Nature, Liquid Seaweed Fertiliser!

Seaweed has been used for centuries in gardening and is still one of the best performing fertilisers available. Containing essential nutrients such as nitrogen and potassium, seaweed is well known for improving both soil fertility and plant health.

In the good old days, seaweed used to be picked straight from the beach and thrown either on to the compost pile or soil. It would then begin to break down and leach nutrients in to the soil, making it more fertile. Needless to say, the seaweed market has come on a long way since then and whilst the recipe is pretty similar, the results are far greater.

SeaFeed Xtra is a unique fertiliser that has all the benefits of a normal seaweed fertiliser, but with an added formulation to improve the mobility of nutrients within the plant. This formulation helps deliver vital nutrients from the seaweed, into the main artery of the plant without the plant having to expend unnecessary energy to break them down.

The seaweed that is used in SeaFeed Xtra, Ascophyllum Nodosum (also known as knotted wrack) grows in the harsh Atlantic waters and is known for its ability to stimulate strong plant growth and provide plants with crucial anti-stress compounds, giving them the ability to fight off the British weather.

Our seaweed is harvested between April and October when their growth hormones and biologically active compounds are at their highest levels. It is then passed through a unique cold press manufacturing process that allows our liquid seaweed fertiliser to retain more of the vital nutrients needed for your plants and to produce a more concentrated product. We do all this in the quickest time possible to ensure none of the nutrients are lost!

This quick, yet cool process allows us to boast one of the most concentrated seaweed fertilisers on the market! This high concentration is what gives our seaweed fertiliser its dark brown colouring. As you all know, seaweed is very dark in colour, either dark green, dark brown or sometimes even black, so it makes sense that a liquid fertiliser made from seaweed would be dark, right?

Containing Xtra Urea, Xtra Iron & Xtra Amino Acids, Seafeed Xtra increases crop yield and quality across a wide range of crops, including soft fruits, vegetables, flowerbeds, lawns and many more.

To produce truly strong plants from day one, use SeaFeed in conjunction with Envii Foundation.

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SeaFeed is already well loved among the gardening community and has received some great reviews from Two Thirsty Gardeners, The Cynical Gardener, The Blackberry Garden & The Allotment Garden.

  • Dilute 10ml of Seafeed Xtra with 5L of Water
  • Apply Using Foliar Spray, Direct to Plants Foliage
  • Re-apply Every 10-14 Days

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