Pond Klear Xtra - Green Water Treatment

  • Clears Green & Murky Pond Water
  • Harmless To All Fish, Pets & Wildlife
  • Works All Year Round
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Give Your Green Water That Xtra Treatment!Green pond water is a very unsightly, but very common problem among UK ponds. Caused by a large number of microscopic algae spores producing a green tint to the water...
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Give Your Green Water That Xtra Treatment!

Green pond water is a very unsightly, but very common problem among UK ponds. Caused by a large number of microscopic algae spores producing a green tint to the water, it can be a very daunting problem to have to face. However, it is fairly easy to treat when you have the right green water treatment.

Pond Klear Xtra is a stronger version of our standard Pond Klear and has been developed for both larger ponds and very badly effected ponds. Containing three time more bacteria than the standard Pond Klear it really does pack a punch and makes it one of the most effective green water treatments on the market.

Working in the same way as Pond Klear, you will be killing two birds with one stone. Targeting the algae spores directly, binding them together and removing them from the pond whilst also digesting the organics that feed the spores creates healthy, clean water for your fish.

Most green water treatments only contain a binder that binds the algae spores together and sinks them to the bottom of the pond. This solves the problem quickly as the algae spores are not visible once they have been sunk. However, without the presence of bacteria, the algae spores will soon rise back to the top and your water will quickly turn green. Pond Klear Xtra contains both bacteria and a binder to clear the water and keep it clear.

How to Keep Pond Water Clear

Pond Klear Xtra is mainly used as a rescue remedy to get rid of existing green water but it also makes an extremely effective preventative treatment. When used regularly, Pond Klear Xtra will continue to eliminate unwanted organics from the pond so that there is no food source available for algae spores.

See the results you could have with Pond Klear Xtra after just 10 days.

The Serious Bits

Before using any bacterial treatment, we recommend either checking the pH and KH level in your pond or using Pond Equaliser to instantly stabilise the water parameters and create the ideal environment for fish and bacteria.

  • Clean out filters prior to using Pond Klear Xtra.
  • Turn off UV light for 3 days during treatment.
  • Remove any surface algae where possible.
  • Calculate volume of the pond and shake bottle well.
  • Add 25ml (per 1,136 litres/250 gallons) to a bucket of pond water.
  • Stir and distribute evenly over pond surface.
  • For initial use we recommend an initial double/triple dose and then treat every 5-7 days.
  • Badly affected ponds may benefit from continued higher dose levels until effect on water visible (high dosage will not affect your fish).


For unfiltered ponds we recommend using Natural Pond Klear

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