Aquarium Klear - Aquarium Green Water Treatment

  • Biologically Cleans Gravel & Other Tank Parts
  • Eliminates Algae & Green Water
  • Safe For All Fish, Plants & Aquatic Life
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Clear Aquarium Water with Natures Soldiers!When maintained correctly, an aquarium can be a ...
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Clear Aquarium Water with Natures Soldiers!

When maintained correctly, an aquarium can be a magnificent feature to any home, adding colour, life and movement throughout the year. They’re like an ever-changing piece of art, or a natural television, just without the annoying adverts. However, without some attention and maintenance, they can quickly become a dirty, green eyesore in your otherwise beautiful home.

How to Clear Green Aquarium Water?

Aquarium Klear green water treatment contains millions of beneficial bacteria that have been specially recruited to form an elite force capable of doing a whole host of jobs in your aquarium, they’re like the SAS of the water treatment world.

The primary mission for these bacteria is to target microscopic algae that cause green water in aquariums and fish tanks and eliminate them. In turn, you will benefit from improved water clarity and your fish will be able to admire the view out of their tank. As we are using microscopic bacteria to clear the water, it can take up to 8 weeks to fully clear it. Think of it like an ant, trying to eat an elephant, it’s a pretty big job!

The second mission for the bacteria in this aquarium green water treatment is to biologically clean the gravel in your tank. A build up of excess fish food and waste falls to the bottom of your tank and settles in between your gravel or on top of your sand. Overtime this sludge can release harmful toxins in to the water and lead to potential fish illness.

The innovative bacteria are adaptable and work just as well in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums to treat green water and algae. As well as creating a safe environment for your fish and improving the appearance of your tank, the aquarium green water treatment is safe for all fish, filters and plants.

How to Get Rid of Algae in Fish Tanks?

As if the benefits of the bacteria in our aquarium green water treatment weren’t impressive enough, they can boast one final feature. If your aquarium suffers from green string algae, the little soldiers in Aquarium Klear will eliminate the food source that this algae needs to survive and slowly starve the algae to death. Continued treatment will create a natural defence against any future algae or green water.

The Serious Bits

When using products in your aquarium, ensure the waters pH is between 6 & 8 for optimum performance and ensure you follow instructions and dosage rates for best results.

500ml treats 4,000 litres of aquarium water

  • Shake bottle before use, remove top and gently squeeze to fill measuring chamber
  • Add 5ml per 40 litres of water every 7 days
  • For new aquariums to help boost biological filter, use 10ml per 40 litres of water for 3 weeks before continuing with standard dose rate.


500ml treats 4,000 litres/880 gallons

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