Aquarium Water Tonic - Water Treatment

  • Cleans Aquarium Water
  • Fights Against Nitrite & Ammonia Poisoning
  • Strengthens Immune System Of Fish
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Swiss Army Knife of Aquarium Water TreatmentsAnybody that has an aquarium will know that the ...
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Swiss Army Knife of Aquarium Water Treatments

Anybody that has an aquarium will know that the condition of the water is very important, but the maintenance of said water can be time consuming and sometimes difficult to manage.

Aquarium Water Tonic is a versatile aquarium water treatment that gets your water fighting fit, improves fish health and prevents harmful diseases among fish. By delivering a healthy portion of calcium and invigorating oxygen into the water, Aquarium Water Tonic actively detoxifies fish whilst cleaning the water and removing harmful toxins. The improved water conditions also help contribute to strengthened resistance against illness and disease.

The essential minerals included in the aquarium water treatment vitalise fish, plants and microbiology to improve the overall health of your aquarium. In turn, by using Aquarium Water Tonic, you will have strengthened the immune system of your fish and reduced the likelihood of your fish contracting a harmful disease or illness.

Aquarium Water Tonic helps fights against nitrite and ammonia poisoning, two very common types of fish illness. Whilst this aquarium water treatment is a fantastic disease prevention method, it is also ideal to use after medicating fish to increase strength and resilience.

The Serious Bits

Aquarium Water Tonic will increase the pH of your water slightly, so we do recommend using the product carefully at low pH values and with fish that prefer softer water.

Aquarium Water Tonic is safe for all fish but is particularly effective among fish that like hard water such as guppies.

  • Add 5g per 100 litres of aquarium water
  • Repeat every 14 days for best results


Product has a hardening effect on water and should be dosed carefully in aquariums that contain soft water fish.

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