Sludge Klear - Pond Sludge Remover

  • Digests & Breaks Down Harmful Pond Sludge
  • Harmless To All Fish, Pets & Wildlife
  • Unique Sludge Remover That Works As Low As 4°C
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Remove Pond Sludge Without Getting Your Hands Dirty!Nobody wants to do the dirty jobs when it comes to cleaning a pond, but unfortunately, they need doing. In order to maintain not only an attractive pond, bu...
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Remove Pond Sludge Without Getting Your Hands Dirty!

Nobody wants to do the dirty jobs when it comes to cleaning a pond, but unfortunately, they need doing. In order to maintain not only an attractive pond, but a pond that is safe for fish there are some simple, but dirty, maintenance jobs that need doing. Pond sludge is undoubtedly the dirtiest of all the pond jobs but can also be the most dangerous to fish. The build-up of decaying leaves, twigs, fish food and fish waste can become anaerobic and give off deadly gases that can kill fish. But with the help of bacteria, you can keep your hands clean, your fish safe and let nature do the dirty work.

Getting Rid of Sludge & Mud in A Pond

Sludge Klear is a pond sludge remover that contains millions of innovative, beneficial bacteria whose job is to specifically target pond sludge, break it up and get it in to the water column to allow your filters to catch it. Sludge Klear will still work in ponds that don’t have filters but will take longer to remove the sludge as we will be relying on bacteria alone. Capable of working down to 4°C, the bacteria in Sludge Klear will continue working throughout the year to remove pond sludge and improve water quality.

By the nature of how the bacteria work in a pond sludge remover, it is very normal for your pond to get worse before it gets better. The bacteria get in and among the sludge to disturb it, which can cause your water to look cloudy and murky. Similar to when you disturb mud in a river bed or sand in the sea. Ahh, how we’d love to be on the beach right now…

Sludge Klear is an extremely effective, natural solution to vacuuming pond sludge and will provide many benefits in the future. It’s very quick and easy to remove sludge with a vacuum, but by doing this, you also remove any beneficial bacteria in your pond and leave your pond susceptible to future problems. As the not so popular American R&B group, The S.O.S. Band said in 1980, Take Your Time (Do It Right).

By having an established bacterial colony in your pond, you create an army that can fight off problems such as sludge, green water and algae.

The Serious Bits

For best results, ensure pH is between 7.5 & 8.5 when using any bacterial treatment.

Bacterial treatments are not a quick fix and can take several weeks to complete resolve the problem.

Sludge Klear will do nothing to improve the clarity of water, for this you will need either Pond Klear, or for ponds without filters, Natural Pond Klear.

Learn more about the pond sludge problem.

  • Clean out filters prior to using Sludge Klear.
  • Turn off UV light for 3 days during treatment.
  • Remove any surface algae where possible.
  • Use 1 tablet per 5,000 litres/1,250 gallons of pond water, add to bucket of pond water, stir and leave for a minimum of 2 hours for best results
  • Stir again prior to distributing evenly over pond surface.
  • For initial use we recommend an initial double/triple dose and then treat every 5-7 days.
  • Badly affected ponds may benefit from higher dose levels until effect on water visible.


For best results, ensure pH is between 6.5 & 8.5

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