Nitrate Klear - Pond Nitrate Remover

  • Improves Fish's Oxygen Intake
  • Reduces Harmful Nitrate Levels In Pond Water
  • Reduces Risk Of Fish Diseases Such As Brown-Blood
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Reduce nitrate levels before it effects your fish. If left unchecked high nitrate levels can easily harm or even kill fish and like with many other toxins, older fish are normally the first to suffer. Ni...
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Reduce nitrate levels before it effects your fish. 

If left unchecked high nitrate levels can easily harm or even kill fish and like with many other toxins, older fish are normally the first to suffer. Nitrate Klear is the no-fuss solution to protect your fish from nitrate poisoning. Simply apply a treatment each month and let the friendly bacteria keep the nitrate levels under control. No need to keep testing water conditions just enjoy your fish in the knowledge that they are safe.

Effects of nitrates on koi and other fish
Unfortunately the first signs of nitrates being too high in your water can be your fish suffering or getting ill. Nitrates can enter a fish’s blood stream via its gills. This can lead to a condition known as Brown Blood. This happens when nitrates are at high enough levels that they can affect the fish’s haemoglobin in its blood reducing its ability to carry oxygen. When nitrates combine with haemoglobin it will turn the fishes blood from rich red to brown. The lack of oxygen will lead to a deterioration of the health of the fish as it slowly suffocates.

High nitrate levels have also been linked with damage to major organs in fish including their nervous system, kidneys, liver and spleen. Damage to any of these can severely shorten a fish’s life expectancy  

What causes nitrate in water
Nitrates are created when ammonia produced by fish is broken down by bacteria in the pond. Ammonia itself is more harmful than nitrates and for this reason nitrates can easily be overlooked by pond owners. While aquatic plants can remove nitrates from a pond, high nitrate levels may require a quicker solution such as the targeted bacteria in Nitrate Klear.

How to tell if the nitrite levels are too high in your pond?
One of the clearest indicators that there may be an issue with nitrate levels in your pond is the behaviour of your fish. This may be fish surfacing, visibly gasping for air or staying near air stones. Nitrate poisoning can lead to the fish being more lethargic or also suffering from buoyancy issues.

Dose rate is 1 tablet per 2,000 litres / 500 gallons of water.

With over 100 billion bacteria per tablet, Envii Nitrate Klear is the simple way to deal with nitrates in your pond. 

  • Clean out filters prior to using Nitrate Klear.
  • Turn off UV light for 3 days during treatment.
  • Use 1 tablet per 2,000 litres/500 gallons of pond water, add to bucket of pond water, stir and leave for a minimum of 2 hours for best results
  • Stir again prior to distributing evenly over pond surface.
  • For initial use we recommend an initial double/triple dose and then treat every 5-7 days.
  • Badly affected ponds may benefit from higher dose levels until effect on nitrate level visible.
  • Treat monthly.

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