Foundation - Plant Growth booster

  • Creates A Force-Field To Fight Off Pathogens
  • Increases Seed Germination & Early Plant Growth
  • Probiotic Soil Improver
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Draws the nutrients in, keeps the pathogens out.Envii Foundation is a key part of any gardener’s toolbox. Its unique formula is designed to act as a gatekeeper for developing plant roots. Foundation actively ...
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Draws the nutrients in, keeps the pathogens out.

Envii Foundation is a key part of any gardener’s toolbox. Its unique formula is designed to act as a gatekeeper for developing plant roots. Foundation actively blocks pathogens which can cause disease and steal vital nutrients from the developing plants. It also acts to draw vital nutrients into the root. The result is bigger, stronger, more healthy plants.

Grow bigger, better vegetables without chemicals
Envii Foundation's unique combination of friendly probiotic bacteria and enzymes works to enhance your plant's ability to access soil nutrients without using potentially harmful chemicals. This may be why our customers tells us that their vegetables grown with Envii Foundation don’t just grow bigger, they also taste better.

Simple to use 

While Envii Foundation is a very effective aid to plant growth it is also very quick and easy to use. Simply dissolve and water your young plants every 4 to 6 weeks, then reap the results.

5 key ways that Envii Foundation helps your plants:

Rhizosphere colonisation – This means colonising the roots of the plant. Pathogens attack the roots of a plant so the bacteria in Foundation physically prevent pathogens accessing the roots by creating a safe or exclusion zone around the roots – for those of you old enough think of the Ready Brek advert with the force field around the child!

Nutrient competition – A plant's roots exude/release nutrients such as amino & organic acids, sugar, etc. These are a food source for pathogens. Foundation outcompetes the pathogens and grabs these nutrients before the pathogens can utilise them for growth, therefore starving the pathogen's food source.

Nutrient cycling and release – Soil and compost will have organic matter that has valuable nutrients that may not have been converted to compost. Envii Foundation breaks these down and makes these nutrients available to the plant.  Also, there are very valuable nutrients such as phosphorus and potassium that are tightly bound in the soil structure and not available to the plant. Foundation solubilises these to allow plants to utilise them for growth.

Metabolite production – Metabolites are known as auxins or plant hormones and are very useful for plant growth.  The strains in Envii Foundation produce the plant hormones and provide them to the plant for improved growth.

Induced systemic resistance – What this means is that even though Envii Foundation is treated to the roots its benefits travel through the plant to provide pathogen resistance even on the aerial parts of the plant.

Ideal for conditioning compost, soil, coir and rockwool and any other growing medium, Foundation can be used throughout winter to condition soil for the following growing season. 

You wouldn’t build a house on weak foundations, so why grow plants on a weak foundation? 

  • Add 2 whole/crumbed tablets to 1 litre of water
  • Stir and leave for a minimum of 1 hour
  • Stir again
  • Apply to newly planted seeds/plants
  • For best results treat soil beds/growbags 1 week before planting
  • Reapply 1 tablet per 1 litre every 4-6 weeks.
Technical Document - How does Foundation work?
249kb - PDF document