Early Starter - protect plants against the cold

  • Helps Plants Grow At Lower Temperatures
  • Recommended By Terry Walton
  • Reprograms Plants To Generate More Root Growth
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Envii Early Starter lets you plant earlier - growing bigger, stronger and more resilient plants.Simple to use, the treatment promotes root growth thro...
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Envii Early Starter lets you plant earlier - growing bigger, stronger and more resilient plants.

Simple to use, the treatment promotes root growth through the cold period when a plant would normally sit dormant. This gives plants the best possible start to the growing season whilst providing unique protection from the cold.

This is definitely part of my ‘armoury’ in future. Based on my results I would strongly recommend it to any gardener looking to grow in the early season when the weather is cold.” Terry Walton - BBC Radio 2 Gardening/Allotment Expert. Click here to see the full review

What happens to plants in winter?
Over the cold winter the enzymes within the plant slow its metabolic rate, forcing it into a state of dormancy. This is a function which allows plants growing in the wild to conserve resources until their environment can support them. While this function is helpful for self-seeding plant growing in a remote woodland, a modern garden is packed with resources provided by fertilisers and compost that make this function redundant.

How does Envii Early Starter work?
Envii Early Starter adjusts the biology of the plant to encourage early root growth over the cold period and extends the gardening season. This makes the plant more suited to modern growing conditions.  The increased root structure gives access to a great increase in nutrients throughout the life of the plant.

Grow bigger, healthier plants
Plants that have been treated with Envii Early Starter not only benefit from a strong start, the increased ability to take on nutrients see the plants grow more bud sites and in the case of vegetables plants produce a greater yield. The greater root mass has the added benefit of making the plant more resilient to disease, frost damage and pest attack. The larger healthier plants produced by the treatment are proven to have a much longer growing season with increased early growth and the root structure to allow the plants to flourish into autumn.


250ml makes over 60 litres of treatment.
For best results apply weekly to the plants you wish to benefit.

  • Follow the dosage rates depending on application (see box on the right).
  • Add to water or nutrient solution depending on application.
  • Shake or stir thoroughly.
  • Apply to plant weekly.


FOLIAR APPLICATION – Dilute 2ml of per 1L of water; apply by trigger or pressure spray.
SOIL APPLICATION – Dilute 20ml by 5L of water; apply by watering can or pressure spray.
COCOA/HYDRO – add 10ml per 5L of nutrient solution.

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