Early Starter - Protect Plants From Cold Weather

  • Helps Plants Grow At Lower Temperatures
  • Promotes Strong Growth & Increased Survival Rates
  • Reprograms Plants To Generate More Root Growth
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Start Growing Early & Protect Plants from Cold Weather!Winter is a huge frustration during the gardening season. You work hard all year to grow your tasty delights, harvest them and then have to potter ar...
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Start Growing Early & Protect Plants from Cold Weather!

Winter is a huge frustration during the gardening season. You work hard all year to grow your tasty delights, harvest them and then have to potter around the greenhouse doing trivial jobs until the new year. The weather eventually begins to show signs of improving so you start your gardening season and then get hit with the trusty British weather and an unexpected frost, unravelling all your work.

What Is Frost Damage?

When a plant get’s too cold, the water stored in its cells freezes, causing frost damage, dehydration and damage to the cell walls. Due to the weakened cell walls the real damage happens when the sun comes up as the plant defrosts too quickly, killing the leaves and stems.

How to Prevent Frost Damage to Plants

Get ahead of the game, start your gardening season early and protect your plants from cold weather with Early Starter. Using an innovative combination of plant friendly nutrients, Early Starter acts as an anti-freeze for plants, protecting them from temperatures below 5°C and promoting strong growth, with increased survival and revival rates.

Early Starter tells your plant to focus its energy on growing down into the ground, rather than aerially. This results in longer, stronger roots that can access more nutrients and water to produce a stronger, more resilient plant.

We recommend still using a frost blanket in conjunction with Early Starter during heavy frosts to provide your plant with maximum protection. Think of Early Starter like built in central heating for your plants, whilst we have central built in to our bodies, we would never leave the house without a coat in winter!

As Terry Walton said, this should definitely be part of your armoury.

The Serious Bits

Follow the dosage rates as recommend to avoid overstimulating the plant. If you are using in conjunction with Deep Rooter, apply half a dose of each product.

  • Follow the dosage rates depending on application (see box on the right).
  • Add to water or nutrient solution depending on application.
  • Shake or stir thoroughly.
  • Apply to plant weekly.


Foliar Application – Dilute 2ml of per 1L of water; apply by trigger or pressure spray.
Soil Application – Dilute 20ml by 5L of water; apply by watering can or pressure spray.
Cocoa/Hydro – Add 10ml per 5L of nutrient solution.

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