Feed and Protect - Alternative To Slug Pellets

  • Harmless To All Wildlife & Pets
  • Natural Slug & Snail Detterent
  • Provides Plants With Essential Micronutrients
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Pet Friendly Alternative to Slug Pellets!Common slug repellents are usually dangerous to everyone and everything that comes near them. From poisonous ...
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Pet Friendly Alternative to Slug Pellets!

Common slug repellents are usually dangerous to everyone and everything that comes near them. From poisonous slug pellets that can harm children to beer traps that can leave your pet with a slightly sore head the next morning! Whilst we all want to protect the plants that we have worked hard for, we obviously don’t want to do it to the detriment of life.

What if we told you that we have an alternative to slug pellets that can protect your plants, protect the environment and protect the lives of pets, children and wildlife all at the same time?

Surprise, surprise! Feed & Protect is a dual-purpose alternative to slug pellets that does exactly what it says on the tin, well packet!

Using a concentrated blend of carefully selected micro-nutrients, Feed & Protect feeds plants to improve growth and nutrient uptake whilst protecting them from slugs and snails. However, the really unique thing about this product is how it protects your plant from slugs. Rather than using a pellet, powder or gel, Feed & Protect slightly alters the taste of the leaves making them distasteful to slugs. As a result, the slugs are not interested in eating them and move elsewhere. If you don’t like your neighbour, you could hope that they go next door and take an interest to their plants!

The alteration in taste is so slight that it cannot be detected by humans as we already have a strong palate that is used to coffee and curry. Fortunately, slugs have a very simple diet of foliage and, well foliage. Because of this, they have a very simple palate and any slight adjustment in flavour discourages them as they will avoid bitter tasting foods.

It’s a win win for all! Your plants are protected and will benefit from essential micro-nutrients, children and pets are safe and there will be no slugs harmed in the process.

Have a read of Terry Walton’s opinion, BBC Radio 2's Allotment Doctor.

The Serious Bits

Do not apply Feed & Protect directly to leaves in strong, direct sunlight or very dry conditions as they can cause temporary discoloration to plants.

Want More?

If you want to learn more about how Feed & Protect can protect your hostas and improve the growth of your plants, check out these two post from The Blackberry Garden and The Unconventional Gardener. We will warn you though that one of these posts is a couple of years old and does contain some rather old looking packaging that we used to have! We'll let you decide which post it is.

  • Wear gloves and eye protection and avoid breathing in dust.
  • Use the provided 10ml scoop.
  • Add 4 level scoops (40 grams) to a 10 litre watering can or pressure sprayer.
  • Vary dose as required based on 4 grams per litre of water.
  • Add water and mix thoroughly to dissolve the powder then apply to the plant and surrounding area ensuring soil and plant well covered.
  • When applying to waxy-leaved plants, add a small amount of washing up liquid to solution after mixing.
  • For best results apply weekly.
  • Keep out of reach of children and wash hands before meals and after use.
  • Store in a dry environment and avoid moisture.

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