Compost Accelerator - Accelerates Composting Process

  • 12 Tablets Treats 1,800 Litres Of Compost
  • Improves Quality & Efficiency Of Compost
  • Organic & Vegan Friendly
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Organic Compost Accelerator, Speeding Up the Composting Process!Making your own compost is great as it offers an extensive list of benefits. From ensuring your plants get the right organic nutrients they need...
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Organic Compost Accelerator, Speeding Up the Composting Process!

Making your own compost is great as it offers an extensive list of benefits. From ensuring your plants get the right organic nutrients they need, to making you feel like you have done your bit to help the environment (welcome to the eco-warrior club!). However, as you are looking at a compost accelerator, we are going to assume you already know the benefits, so let’s move on.

Unless you have the right conditions in your compost pile, the composting process can take anywhere between 3 & 12 months to produce any usable compost. If you are composting to re-use in your garden, the chances are that you are going to need it a bit quicker than that, which is why a compost accelerator is essential!

What Is Compost Accelerator?

Compost Accelerator contains a carefully selected blend of nutrients, task specific bacteria and other natural, organic ingredients. The specific nutrients stimulate bacterial growth whilst the specially selected bacteria have been chosen to increase the temperature in the centre of your pile and aid the breakdown and sterilisation of garden materials. The result, is rich, organic compost in as little as 3 weeks!

To ensure you get the best compost possible and to make our Compost Accelerator truly unique, we have incorporated extracts of our Foundation & premium seaweed fertiliser, SeaFeed Xtra. Foundation increases plant survival rates by producing a bacterial forcefield around the roots and protecting them from diseases, whilst the SeaFeed Xtra improves plant growth and crop yield.

Organic, homemade compost, plant protection in the form of bacterial forcefields, improved plant growth and crop yield. All without costing the world… winner!

Learn more about Keeping Your Compost Healthy.

What To Look For When Buying Compost?

Buying compost from your local garden centre or DIY store is cheap and easy, which is why most of us do it. However, this compost is usually full of all sorts of nasties that can be passed on to your plants and affect their growth and in recent years, the quality of shop bought compost has gone down hill massively. To learn more about what goes in to shop bought compost, have a read of our post compost quality control or if you want to know how to improve your shop bought compost, try this

The Serious Bits

Microbes require one-part nitrogen to 25 parts carbon in order to be effective. Grass cuttings, plants, fruits and vegetables are all high in nitrogen whilst dry leaves, sticks paper and eggshells are all high in carbon. Ensure you get the material balance right to ensure maximum performance.

If your compost pile is predominantly nitrogen, i.e. grass cuttings, add ½ a teaspoon of sugar per 5 litres of water when using Compost Accelerator to increase the carbon balance, sugar is a reliable source of carbon.

Bacterial activity requires moisture to work, therefore it is important that you keep the moisture content in your compost pile between 40-50%. If you can squeeze water out of your compost, it is too wet. If it crumbles when you squeeze it, it’s too dry. If it stays compact and doesn’t release and moisture, it’s just right!

Want More?

If you want to learn more about how to make your own home made compost or about Compost Accelerator, The Middle Sized Garden have done an in depth post to teach you everything you'll need to know!

  • Add 1 x tablet to 5L of warm water, stir and leave for 30-60 minutes for best results.
  • Pierce existing pile and apply to centre of pile.
  • Turn/aerate every week.
  • Reapply every 4-6 weeks.


Keep Moisture Content Between 40-60%
If when you squeeze the compost it releases water, it's too wet, if it crumbles, it's too dry, if it stays nice and compact, it's perfect.

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