Chill Out - Protect plants against overheating

  • Allows Plants To Grow Above 30°C
  • Increases A Plants Root Length & Mass
  • Protects Plants Against Heat Stress
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This product has been recommended by Sean James Cameron, broadcaster and star of The Horticultural Channel. To subscribe to the channel click he...
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This product has been recommended by Sean James Cameron, broadcaster and star of The Horticultural Channel. To subscribe to the channel click here. 

Envii Chill Out was developed specifically to aid and protect plants grown in greenhouses, polytunnels and cold frames.

It not only protects against heat stress, but encourages very strong growth and much bigger yields/fruit numbers when temperatures inside the greenhouse are below the 30°C where heat stress starts to damage them.


Terry Walton, BBC Radio 2 Personality has been using Chill Out this year and here's what he said

"Although the weather this year has been poor, there have been several days where strong sunshine have soared temperatures in my greenhouse on the allotment.  Normally if i am not there i have to rush back, although with my commitments this is not always possible and my plants suffer.  This year using Envii Chill Out i have not had to worry and my plants have thrived even better than normal in the poor weather Chill Out is clearly doing something in terms of increasing growth..... as well as making sure i don't lose all my hard work if we get a really sunny couple of days!!"


A plant’s natural reaction to heat stress is to wilt and abort flowers and shoots, which are lost forever. By changing the plant’s reaction to heat stress you can get continued growth and the plant can thrive in temperatures above 30°C!

Envii Chill Out is a laboratory developed blend of natural plant extracts and nutrients to alter a plant’s natural reaction to high temperatures and has been tested in commercial greenhouses with incredible success.


It blocks the genes that would stop a plant’s growth and instead redirects them to grow larger root mass meaning a plant can recover from stress much quicker, but also the valuable buds and flowers are not aborted and lost! When the temperature drops the plant automatically returns to its normal growth and development.


Envii Chill Out is a support package for the plant to ensure it continues to produce growth hormones even when under stress and also to improve the ability of the plant to recover from heat stress.


Ideal for very susceptible greenhouse plants such as peppers, as well as tomatoes, fruit, cucumbers or any plants grown in a greenhouse or polytunnel. 

Laboratory tests have shown significant increases in numbers of fruit and also yield size when using Envii Chill Out.

Chill Out is used in commercial agriculture in the Middle East to protect glasshouse plants such as peppers, tomatoes, cucumber and all commercially grown glasshouse plants from heat stress.


Ideally Treat 5-7 days before hot weather for best results and use in addition to regular fertiliser.

Use only when plant is out of the ground

Dilute 15ml per 5 Litres of water and apply every 14 days to the plant through foliar spray or soil/compost


If using in conjunction with Envii Deep Rooter reduce dose level to 7.5ml per 5 litres of water

  • Allows plants to grow in high temperatures (above 30°C)

  • Avoids wilting and flower abortion due to heat stress

  • Extends root mass to take up nutrients

  • Makes plants more robust

  • Increased yield

  • Heat stress protection for plants

  • Follow the dosage rates depending on application (see label).
  • Add to clean water.
  • Shake or stir thoroughly.
  • Apply to plant.
  • Repeat according to table.


See back label for dosage rates.

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