Chill Out - Sun Protection For Plants

  • Allows Plants To Grow Above 30°C
  • Increases A Plants Root Length & Mass
  • Protects Plants Against Sun & Heat Stress
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Chill Out! We’ve Got Your Plants Protected.Whilst it’s very rare that we experience blistering heats in the UK, it does happen, occasionally. It’s a well-known fact (well sort of) that weather reports are ina...
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Chill Out! We’ve Got Your Plants Protected.

Whilst it’s very rare that we experience blistering heats in the UK, it does happen, occasionally. It’s a well-known fact (well sort of) that weather reports are inaccurate and unreliable, either that or the British weather is that unpredictable that even the professionals can’t work it out. Either way, it makes it very difficult to know when heat is expected and even harder to plan protection for your plants.

There are a few old school methods of heat and sun protection for plants, from draping your greenhouse in mildly unattractive shading, to opening the windows and giving birds access to the fruits, or vegetables of your labour. Either way, these methods are outdated and have their downfalls so it’s time to look at the alternative.

Chill Out has been specially formulated to provide plants with essential micronutrients that help with growth regardless of the weather, which makes it a great little fertiliser. However, what’s unique about this plant feed is how your plant reacts to it in hot weather and the unique way it provides protection from heat stress for plants. When a plant gets hot, it tries to conserve its energy by aborting its flowers and buds so that it can concentrate on the important stuff. Once these flowers have gone, they’ve gone for good, but Chill Out ensures this doesn’t happen.

Now, imagine a well-loved & trusted voice narrating this next part, for arguments sake let’s say David Attenborough. Chill Out says to the plant “don’t use your energy to abort the good stuff, concentrate on growing stronger, longer roots so that you can access more water and nutrients.” Obviously the plant listens because the instruction has come from David Attenborough and as a result, has longer, stronger roots that in turn, produce a stronger plant capable of protecting itself from the sun and heat stress.

Chill Out has been tested in greenhouses in the middle east where temperatures are well above 40°C with outstanding results, so it is more than capable of dealing with the 30°C+ we get in the UK. We have also had some tests done at Nottingham University that showed in increase in both crop yield and the improvement in flavour. What’s not to love?

The Serious Bits

If you are using Chill Out in conjunction with Deep Rooter or Early Starter, ensure you use half the dosage rate of each product to eliminate the chance of over stimulating the plants.

When using Chill Out, use these tips to keep your plants healthy and get the most from the product.

Want More?

If you want to learn more about Chill Out or how to protect your plants during a heatwave, John from Allotment Gardens has done two great blog posts here and here and even covered SeaFeed Xtra in the second. Chill Out has even gone stateside and is being used by Andrea at Greenwise Gardening.

  • Follow the dosage rates depending on application (see label).
  • Add to clean water.
  • Shake or stir thoroughly.
  • Apply to plant.
  • Repeat according to table.


See back label for dosage rates.

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