Septic Klear - Septic Tank Treatment 12 Months Supply

  • Eliminates The Need To Have Tanks Emptied
  • Reduces Septic Tank Odours
  • Strongest Septic Tank Treatment
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Septic Klear - The best septic tank treatment available to unblock and remove smells.Septic Klear is an economical and effective way of improving the function and reducing the mai...
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Septic Klear - The best septic tank treatment available to unblock and remove smells.

Septic Klear is an economical and effective way of improving the function and reducing the maintenance of a septic tank. Regular use will prevent blockages, slow-running and bad odours, keeping the septic tank operating as it should, even in cold weather. They are the strongest septic tank bacteria treatment tablets available and are a unique mixture of fast-acting, task-specific septic tank bacteria with added nutrients for septic tank cleaning.

Anyone who has owned a septic tank will have found the costs of getting in emptied or pumped out can be a major drawback.  Septic Klear reduces the need to have your septic tank emptied by boosting the natural bacteria used to digest the waste.

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How does a Septic tank work?
Septic tanks
and cess pits contain bacteria which take organic waste that is held in the tank and break it down biologically into water and CO².

How does Septic Klear work?
Septic Klear uses powerful, friendly bacteria to break down the solid waste combating foul odours and improving the health and efficiency of your septic tanks. Each tablet contains 75 billion task-specific bacteria with added nutrients, over twice that of the market leader. This means that 1 tablet offers a full month of protection.

Watch our video to see the difference using Envii Septic Klear tablets compared to other more expensive competitors. (Click the video tab above).


Common septic tank problems
It is very easy for a septic tank to run slow and block where essentially the solids build up. The first sign of this can be unpleasant odours. This can be down to many reasons such as:

1.     Damage to the bacteria in the tank through accidental release of bleach or sanitisers in cleaning products.

2.     The indigenous bacteria not being very active and breaking down waste too slowly.

3.     In winter, low temperatures slow down the break up coupled with more waste being added during winter time as more carbohydrate based foods eaten and more time spent indoors compared to summer.

4.     Septic tanks that have been poorly maintained.

Why use Envii Septic Klear
Envii are bacterial specialists which is how we have specially selected septic tank bacteria strains that deliver fast acting bacteria to the septic tank which start working within a couple of hours to breakdown and solids and deal with odours.  By keeping the waste in a liquid form, smells and blockages are reduced/eliminated and the costly expense of pumping and emptying dramatically reduced (pumping costs can vary form £150-£300!).

Unlike any other products on the market we have unique patented strains in our Envii Septic Klear tablets that work as low as 4°C, therefore ideal for use during the winter months.

We have designed our septic tank tablets to be very strong in terms of bacterial inclusion therefore delivering more bacteria than any other tablet based solution on the market…..plus we also include some special nutrients to encourage the growth of the newly added AND indigenous bacteria to make the process even more efficient.

Simple to use:
Treats septic tanks of 6,000 litre/1500 gallon capacity – costs under 6 pence a day

Just add 1 tablet per month to your toilet bowl, leave for a couple of minutes and then flush to distribute the bacteria into your septic tank/cess pit.

If you have just had your tank/pit emptied then add 2-3 x tablets before refilling to build up the bacterial colony.

Septic system rescue
Sometimes problems happen and systems go bad (anaerobic) and back up/start to smell.  Envii Septic Klear is the ideal product to rescue the system as it delivers a high number of fast replicating bacteria that are resilient to low levels of bleach, and by adding 3-4 tablets you can quickly start to rebuild any damaged bacterial colonies.

  • Use one tablet per month
  • Drop tablet into connected toilet
  • Leave to dissolve for 5 minutes
  • Flush toilet
Winter Septic Tank Care
68kb - PDF document
68kb - PDF document