EN715 - Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner

  • Biodegradable
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Safe To Use On All Surfaces
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EN715 Floor Cleaner is a heavy-duty floor cleaner for use in scrubber dryers that cleans fork lift tyre marks or marks created by rubber tyres.EN715 is different to other floor cleaners as it n...
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EN715 Floor Cleaner is a heavy-duty floor cleaner for use in scrubber dryers that cleans fork lift tyre marks or marks created by rubber tyres.

EN715 is different to other floor cleaners as it not only provides a superior surface clean it also leaves a coating on the surface which prevents dirt and tyre marks bonding to the surface and makes the cleaning process much quicker and easier.

It was developed in conjuction with several major blue chip companies who struggled to keep their warehouse floors clean from unsightly tyre marks caused by fork lift and tugs.

In busy warehouse environments no sooner have you cleaned the floor than it is dirty again due to high levels of fork lift or tug traffic.  Fork Lift tyre marks are created by the friction when they turn or brake and thse marks are effectively burnt into the surface due to friction. The fork lift tyre marks are difficult to clean as they are a solid state and standard floor cleaners will not have any effect on them.

EN715 is a unique solution that uses modern advanced chemistry to combines materials which act as rubber tyre mark remover by cleaning the fork lift tyre marks through dissolving them into a liquid, the advanced surfactant quickly cleans the surface at economical dilution rates.

Best used in a scrubber dryer preferably using Black pads or Tynex brushes to create the friction for removing fork lift tyre marks in 1-2 passes, it can be diluted between 10:1 for initial deep cleans of historical built up tyre marks or up to 60:1 for general cleaning.

Unlike other floor cleaning products EN715 also provides protection from tyre marks building up on the floor surface by reducing the ability of the tyres/dirt to bind with the floor surface.

This means that cleaning is easier and quicker and major savings can be made on labour.

Customers have found that replacing traditional hard-surface floor cleaners with EN715 has dramatically improved cleaning performance and floors have benefited from the superior surfactant technology in terms of general cleaning. 

EN715 can also be used neat as a Heavy Duty Tyre Mark Remover to clean or remove tyre marks from the floor suuurafce or from painted safety lines

  • Heavily soiled areas (e.g. tyre-marks) - Deep Clean - Initial Application - 10:1 to 20:1 General cleaning- Dilute with water 40:1
  • General light dirt - Dilute with water 60 to 100:1 (depending on type of dirt and frequency of cleaning)
  • Manual cleaning - Use neat on stubborn areas such as tyre marks. Allow 2-3 minutes before rinsing.


If you have a lot of tyre marks to clean - run your first pass at a very slow walking pace with maximum pressure and water on BUT NO VACUUM.
Leave the surface wet for a few minutes and then on the return pass scrub at full pressure but use the vacuum to take up any cleaner on the surface.

Apply neat and work into surface with a rough pad and leave for 20-30 minutes if possible, then use scrubber dryer to clean as normal

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