Surge Hydrocarbon bacteria for Hydrocarbon Bioremediation

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Each strain used in Surge Hydrocarbon was selected to work under diverse environmental conditions and provide the most complete digestion of petroleum and petroleum based by-products.The additional use of ...
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Each strain used in Surge Hydrocarbon was selected to work under diverse environmental conditions and provide the most complete digestion of petroleum and petroleum based by-products.

The additional use of nutrients such as Bio8’s Motivate further accelerates and stimulates other indigenous bacteria in the system.

Our product contains strains that are naturally occurring class 1 bacteria, working in aerobic and anaerobic conditions and they are also highly motile, which means they have the ability to sense their food source and move towards it.

Currently used very successfully in petroleum based wastewater applications and many soil remediation sites throughout the UK & Europe Surge Hydrocarbon is an ideal solution when you need to remediate hydrocarbon based contamination.

How to Use

There are several ways to ensure the best performance when using Surge Hydrocarbon bacteria, but a major advantage our product has is the range of conditions it can operate under, therefore giving you flexibility depending on the sites and also the seasons/temperatures you are working at.

Ideal and optimum operating conditions would be at pH neutral 7.0, however the effective range is 5-10 - the further to the extreme of these parameters the slower the bacterial activity.

Ideal temperature is 20°C, however the effective range is between 7-55°C, potentially lower if biopile is substituted with other green waste where our new Low Temperature bacteria which are effective at 4°C can be added.

Carbon/Nitrogen/Phosphorous Ratios – Ideal C.N.P. is 100:7:1 – however 100:4:1 – 100:10:1 is acceptable.

Surge Hydrocarbon is supplied in a dry powder which needs to be re-hydrated in water and/or Bio8 Motivate nutrient for best results.

Ideal water temperature is between 20-30°C and leave for 30-60 minutes prior to use, however cold or ambient water can be used.

Commercial Soil Bio Remediation:

For Brownfield Bioremediation we recommend the following procedure

Based on using 1000L IBC, add 1 x 100 grams to an empty IBC and fill with water, this will provide enough bacteria to treat 50m³ of contaminated soil.

We strongly recommend the use of a Biostimulant such as Bio8 Motivate or other Biostimulant which should be added to the IBC at the prescribed rate, fill IBC with water and leave for 30-60 minutes before applying to activate the bacteria.

Apply to the screened material using a spray method (either manual or automated conveyor system) or directly spray onto windrows.

Place in large windrows to allow soil to compost, windrows can be turned occasionally to increase aerobic activity which will accelerate the process.

Direct application to soil is also possible but we would recommend the bacteria is applied with also adding our ‘Easy access’ ground wetting  product to ensure good ground penetration. – please contact us for further details on this product.

Surge Hydrocarbon is a concentrated, dry blend of stabilized bacterial spores and micronutrients formulated for use in the degradation of petroleum based hydrocarbons.

Hydrocarbon and petroleum based organic waste remediation

  • Hydrocarbon/petroleum degrading bacterial strains

  • Brownfield Soil & Groundwater Remediation, Marine Bilges, Car/Truck washes

  • Use for Enhanced Aerobic/anaerobic Bioremediation

  • Use to Treat PAH's, MTBE's, Phenols, Non-halogenated Volatile Solvents, Some Halogenated

  • Compounds, BTEX (Benzene, Toulene, Ethylbenzine & Xylene) & Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons

  • Effective temperature range 7 – 55°C

Please call +44 (0)1246 240880 for more information or a quotation

  • Recommended dose and application
  • Add 200 grams of Surge HCT Hydrocarbon bacteria to an IBC
  • It is recommended that you use in conjunction with Bio8 Motivate Biostimulant for best results and if so you would add 10 litres at this stage. Surge HCT can be used with water alone.
  • Add 1,000L of clean water to IBC mixing in the powder to ensure good distribution
  • Leave for 30-60 minutes before applying to soil via a sprayer or mixing in via an allu bucket or grader
  • Monitor temperature, pH and CO² production from the pile and turn/aerate when bacterial activity starts to reduce.

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Surge HCT Hydrocarbon Degrading Bacteria
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