Pond Treatment Pack Xtra

  • Clears Green & Murky Pond Water
  • Digests & Breaks Down Harmful Pond Sludge
  • Reduces Harmful Nitrate Levels In Pond Water
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These products can be used to...
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These products can be used together to establish or maintain the perfect pond environment.

Pond Klear Xtra (1 litre)

- Green water treatment 
- Works as low as 4°C 
- 3 x strength of standard Pond Klear 
- No harmful chemicals 
- Can be used as a cure or prevention for green water 
- Completely safe for fish and other wildlife 
- Given 4 out of 5 by Practical Fishkeeping 

Sludge Klear (6 x tablets)

- Pond sludge treatment 
- Works all year round 
- Treats 30,000 Litres 
- 100% Natural and SAFE FOR FISH 

Nitrate Klear (6 x tablets)

- Dramatically reduces nitrates 
- Reduces risk of fish disease 
- Works as low as 8°C 
- Completely natural 
- Improves fish's oxygen intake 

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  • Follow the separate instructions for each product and use them together.

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