Pet Fresh - remove odours and stains caused by pets

  • Harmless To All Pets
  • Removes Stains & Odours For Good
  • Safe To Use On All Surfaces
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Envii Pet Fresh – get rid of pet urine stains and odour for goodLove your pets and your house? Why compromise? Anyone who has kept a pet, whether it’s a cat,...
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Envii Pet Fresh – get rid of pet urine stains and odour for good

Love your pets and your house? Why compromise? Anyone who has kept a pet, whether it’s a cat, dog, rabbit or rodent, will know that  accidents do happen. Stubborn stains or odours have led to many carpets, rugs, curtains and sofas being relegated to the bin. Envii Pet Fresh is the all-natural way to remove stains and odours for good. Its unique formula has been developed to remove pet urine (both fresh and dried) from soft furnishings leaving them like new.

Pet Fresh is not just odour neutraliser, it’s an odour and stain remover
You may have tried air fresheners and odour neutralisers in the past. These generally just mask the sent. Even the market leader just blocks the sent but doesn’t get rid of it. Pet Fresh is an enzyme based odour and stain removers. Each spray physically digests the stain and the odour molecules.

How do enzymes cleaners work?  
Enzymes have been used by professional cleaners in the medical professional for many years due to their ability to effectively remove organic matter prior to sterilization. Pet Fresh like all professional enzyme clears combine a combination of enzymes and targeted bacteria. These work in tandem with the enzyme working to breakdown the organic molecules and the bacteria physically consuming it.

Clean without chemicals
Envii Pet Fresh is 100% pet and child safe. It is free from harsh chemicals and aerosols. The formula is design not to leave any residue or overpowering odour like many chemical cleaners. It just leaves you with the peace of mind that the stain is dealt with for good.

Want it cheaper?
Try our Pet Fresh Concentrate, it works out at £4.16 per 750ml, over 50% saving!!

  • Remove/clean up any excess urine, vomit or faeces prior to application - do not use an antibacterial cleaner as this will stop the product from working!
  • Apply a generous amount to the affected area and also around the edges where the urine may have seeped into underlay or carpet backing.
  • Leave for a minimum of 10 minutes to activate, then blot the area with a cloth or paper to remove excess.
  • For tougher stains or old stains use a more generous amount and leave to soak for 1 hour.
  • Once dried - Normally 24-48 hours depending on temperature.
  • Vacuum area and repeat process for any older stains.
  • Can be used in carpet cleaning machines and we recommend 100ml per 5 litres of clean water.


Always pre-test on a small hidden area of any carpet or fabric to ensure steadfastness of the colour before using extensively.

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