Pond Equaliser - Pond pH Buffer

  • Buffers The pH, kH & gH Levels
  • Cannot Be Overdosed & Is 100% Safe For Fish
  • Removes Harmful Chemicals & Heavy Metals
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Buffer the pH In Your Pond to Avoid Fish Deaths!Water parame...
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Buffer the pH In Your Pond to Avoid Fish Deaths!

Water parameters are the most important thing to monitor in your pond. If they fluctuate, they can have disastrous effects on your fish, leading to illness and death. Water parameters are not something that can be seen, which is why they are so deadly. Water can look clean and healthy and your fish can look happy and healthy, but lurking beneath the surface is a bubbling caldron of pollutants that can erupt at the slightest of changes and lead to a fatal pH crash.

Sorry to be all doom and gloom, but they really are that important!

How to Lower pH In Ponds Naturally

Pond Equaliser is arguably the most important product you will ever buy for your pond. Using natural ingredients that are usually found in water, it instantly stabilises the key water parameters in your pond to ensure safe water for fish and bacteria. Pond Equaliser will then buffer your ponds pH between 7.5 & 8.5 and raise your KH (carbonate hardness) above 5.

The inclusion of calcium in our pond pH buffer also enables it to remove toxic heavy metals and ammonia from your pond water, one less thing to worry about! Heavy metals, such as copper tend to make their way into your pond via tap water, whereas ammonia will be present in your pond due to it being the by-product of fish waste. Both can have an effect on pH and can be fatal to fish, so it is important to either remove them from your pond or monitor their level.

Another benefit of a pond pH buffer is that you don’t have to waste money and rely on a test kit, only to find your pH is wrong and then you have to correct it anyway. Simply scatter over the surface of the water 3 times a year and sleep easy knowing your fish are safe and your pH is being buffered.

Unlike other pond ph treatments, Pond Equaliser will buffer the pH and keep it at a steady level even when the pond experiences a rise or drop in acidity or alkalinity. For example, if you expereince acid rain, this can normally be the contributing factor to a pH crash, as it quickly drops the pH in the pond. Pond Equalisers natural ingredients will overpower this crash buffering the pH betwwen 7.5 & 8.5 at all times.

The Serious Bits

If you live in an area that has extremely hard water, you will need to test the KH level before using to ensure the product is needed.

We strongly recommend that you use a bacterial maintenance product in conjunction with Pond Equaliser such as Pond Klear, Sludge Klear or in winter, our Winter Pond Treatment to ensure biologically balanced water is maintained.

  • Measure required dose.
  • Scatter across pond (no need to dissolve or pre-mix product).
  • Repeat at least 3 times a year.


250 gram - treating 2,500 litres/550 gallons
500 gram - treating 5,000 litres/1,100 gallons
750 gram - treating 7,500 litres/1,650 gallons
PH KH and GH levels in a pond
65kb - PDF document

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