Blanketweed Klear - Blanket Weed Treatment

  • Harmless To All Fish, Pets & Wildlife
  • Kills Blanket Weed & Stops It From Reoccurring
  • Works Within 24 Hours
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Immediate Blanket Weed Treatment for Ponds!There’s no easy way to say this but, blanket weed is the devil reincarnated and unfortunately, he has chosen your pond as his next victim. It grows at an extremely f...
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Immediate Blanket Weed Treatment for Ponds!

There’s no easy way to say this but, blanket weed is the devil reincarnated and unfortunately, he has chosen your pond as his next victim. It grows at an extremely fast rate, requires very little to thrive and before you know it, the surface of your pond has been completely taken over by the thick stringy algae. Not only can it be very hard to get rid of, but it can also pose serious dangers to your fish, aquatic plants and wildlife, which is why it is very important to choose a blanket weed treatment that works quickly and safely.

Luckily for you, Blanketweed Klear is blanket weeds kryptonite. Using complex, scientific sorcery and an innovative element called oxygen, Blanketweed Klear begins to work instantly to kill blanket weed and will have completely killed it within 24 hours.

As well as being extremely effective against blanket weed, it also boasts other impressive features that make this an obvious choice in the fight against the green devil.

Temperatures in the UK can fluctuate massively, we all know this as we love to talk about it. However, this makes treating a pond quite difficult as some products only work down to certain temperatures and once they reach this temperature, they stop working, allowing blanket weed to strengthen again. We have incorporated innovative bacteria into our blanket weed treatment that allow it to work down to 4°C which is perfect as blanket weed stops growing below 8°C, we’ve got you covered all year!

As if being able to kill blanket weed all year wasn’t good enough, you can also rest assured that your fish, plants and wildlife will be completely safe when using Blanketweed Klear as we are using the innovative element we recently mentioned, oxygen.

How to Prevent Blanket Weed in Ponds?

You’ve gone to all that effort to kill the blanket weed in your pond, only for it to come back two weeks later. What a waste of time and money! That’s why we include bacterial follow up tablets in with our blanket weed treatment to prevent any new growth. By suppressing the blanket weeds food source with beneficial bacteria, you produce a biologically balanced ecosystem in your pond that will create a natural defence against blanket weed and other algae.

Learn more about blanket weed to help you in the fight against evil, from what it looks like, to how it can be dangerous to your fish.

The Serious Bits

Before using Blanketweed Klear we strongly recommend checking your water parameters and ensuring your pH is below 8.5 and KH is around 5. You can do this either by using a test kit or by applying Pond Equaliser to instantly stabilise the water parameters.

If the powder comes into direct contact with aquatic plants such as lilies, it may cause some temporary discolouration on foliage.

For ongoing maintenance and to protect your pond from future algae and blanket weed we recommend using Pond Klear or Pond Klear Xtra to keep bacterial levels topped up and the natural defence system strong.

  • Simply scatter the powder using the scoop directly onto the blanket weed.
  • The product can be applied several times in one season. However, a waiting time of 3 days is recommended before reapplying it.


To Kill Blanketweed - use 30-50 grams of powder per 1,000 litres/ 250 gallons of water. Each level scoop is 10 grams – scatter directly onto blanketweed.

To Breakdown Dead Algae – After 24 hours add 1X tablet per 5,000 litres using a bucket of pond water, leave for 60 minutes to dissolve and add to the pond to breakdown dead algae.

Before applying Blanketweed Klear check water values. Only use product if pH value is below 8.5 and the carbonate hardness (KH) is above 5dH (0.890 mmol/l CaC03.
We strongly recommend the use of Envii Pond Equaliser to stabilize the values prior to using this product.

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