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02/07/2018 David Dutch, Newcastle upon Tyne
I found BIO8 by accident when searching for a solution to a green water problem last year. It is the best accident I have had, no longer do I put chemicals into my pond for short-term fixes. By following the advice of the helpful guys at BIO8 my pond is crystal clear and my fish healthy. If you are thinking about trying their products covering pond solutions or garden solutions don't think about it do it now. If you would like some advice first remember the only silly question is the one that is never asked. The guys are very helpful and when I have asked for help they have never tried to upsell me or even try to convince me they are 5-stars in everything they do. Sorry BIO you have me for the rest of my pond and garden lives. Keep up the great work you do and I look forward to seeing what is next in your growing line of products.
09/08/2017 Alan Sullivan, Cinderford
I have a large pond of 5000 gallons which was always pea green with Algae and my normal filter, UV solution was not helping. I added 2 sachets of the 50g Natural Pond Klear, after 2 weeks a small improvement, however after the 2nd sachet my pond has now gone crystal clear with my new sieve filter extracting handfuls of algae every 12 hours. I would really recommend the product which is value for money and works. Thanks again for the additional email support which really helped.
18/07/2017 Kevin Chapman, Christchurch
I purchased Natural Pond Klear/Natural Pond Algae Control 2 x 50g (27,000 litre pond) and added first treatment, within 4 days an amazing improvement. Will definitely use product again.Advice from Bio8 was also very good. Have now purchased other products,I was never happy adding chemicals to my Pond,but these natural products definitely work.Just shows you cant beat nature!!
04/07/2017 Maureen , Woodbridge suffolk
Great advice and so far very pleased with results from products. In the process of clearing sludge from pond, ongoing problem with building site in field behind garden and pond. Empty filters on pump every 2 days, full of sludge so must be working. Have already recommended and will order products again.
27/06/2017 David Dutch, Newcastle upon Tyne
I have now been totally converted to using the range of products. I started with Winter Pond Treatment and now include the gardening products - WHY? I was always a little hesitant about using chemicals on top of chemicals for my pond and garden then I discovered Envii. Now I only use the natural bacteria in their products my pond is always in balance and my garden has never looked better so a big thank you from my fish and plants. Even just as important if you want advice the Bio8 team and Andrew respond quickly and explain things well. The delivery always arrives when it is supposed to well packaged. Unlike a recent pond bacteria product from a company that shares its name with a river through the rain forest. When it arrived the package was broken and the bacteria spread throughout the carton You will never do better than by putting your pond and garden in their capable hands. Thanks again Bio8 you have a life-time convert
17/05/2017 Margaret, , Sale
Pond Clear does exactly as stated, after only one treatment and following the instructions regarding the filter box, our pond is perfect and the fish are also looking a lot healthier too. The service from yourselves was very efficient and will definitely be using you again for any further products and advice. Thank you.
27/03/2017 Michael Taylor, Cleethorpes
Sirs , after using Blanketweed Klear twice in my blanket weed choked pond the results are impressive the water is gin clear and I estimate 98% of the weed has gone , I have no hesitation in recommending this product ............
23/03/2017 MR d nichol, Birmingham
The water equaliser gave my pond the correct PH level, I added the Blanket Weed killer and now all is well. If you have any problems contact ANDY, he will sort it !
05/01/2017 Lewis Owens, Oxford
They really work well. My Koi pond is sludge free and the water crystal clear. I have tried other well known products but nothing to date beats this range for maintaining a clear and healthy pond system throughout the year with minimal effort. Particularly effective post autumnal leaf fall, leaf staining of water is minimised and within a week gone !! That is worth the price in itself. Great products and even better value.
16/10/2016 Katie guest, Brrkhamsted
Very pleased with these products. My pond was complete green. It has taken 12 weeks but now my pond is completely clear ..I can see right to the bottom .. it's a metre deep. I used a bottle of pond klear and a bottle of pond klear xtra and 3 tablets of sludge Klear. So key is to be patient . My pond was really bad so maybe it took longer than most.. but gruadually I could see a bit more and more. Fish are happy and healthy and love that this a an all natural product. Will keep a bottle in case it goes green again next summer
24/05/2016 Ian Stewart, Castletown, Sunderland
I remember as a young boy in the Sixties, watching my father tend the plants in the Colliery Manager’s greenhouse and I asked him, “What makes a good gardener?” He replied, “A plant is like a human, it does not like to be too wet or dry, too hot or cold.” These were wise words. Looking around, all the plants were glowing with health this year. I have used Envii Foundation and the results brought back memories of those plants that were grown to perfection. I potted show leeks on from 7inch pots to 12inch deep fill pots. The plants put on so much growth they were pot bound in 4 weeks! With some of the leftover mix, I potted the tomatoes and they doubled in size in one week. I am too well known in the North East to recommend anything that isn’t the best as we have some of the greatest show gardeners in the world here and they would put me in my place if I was wrong! I am looking forward to a full season using Bio8’s Envii products as they are an asset to any gardener that wants the best. I have sent photos of the results and will continue to throughout season.
31/03/2016 Jasper Wilde, Crewe
Bought the Early Starter and now reaping the rewards with excellent flower growth over the last 8 weeks! Bought from Amazon but will now buy from here. Fantastic!
18/03/2016 Kaydence, xAAPv3HV
Super exctied to see more of this kind of stuff online.
10/03/2016 Terry Walton, South Wales
This winter has been the warmest and wettest on record some of my seedlings refused to grow. So action was needed and I came across Early Starter from Envii. This stated it would stimulate growth of these plants in lower temperatures and encourage growth. I wet my seed trays with this liquid, after a couple of days and another spraying the seedlings decided to grow again! I was sceptical that this would happen but the proof is in the results. This is definitely part of my ‘armoury’ in future.
08/03/2016 Kevin, Nottingham
Fabulous products that produce great results!
23/02/2016 David Jackson, Kent
Have been using Pond Klear for a year now and it works very well. Has kept my koi pond very clear and in good health.
15/01/2016 G Williams, Lancashire
"The guns used to spray 2-component Polyurethane foam are notoriously difficult to clean once blocked due to the size and complexity of the internal workings. Parts of the gun were immersed overnight and came out spotlessly clean." G Williams. Senior R&D Chemist, Isothane Ltd.
03/01/2016 Kai, Nottingham
Nice product!


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